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Mouse Headphones


Noise reduction 3M Peltor® headphones available in 3 versions with different levels of acoustic insulation.

# 999160000KK
SNR=26 dB
H=30 dB
M= 23 dB
L=15 dB

# 999140000KK
SNR=30 dB
H=33 dB
M= 28 dB
L=19 dB

# 999130000KK
SNR=32 dB
H=34 dB
M= 30 dB
L=24 dB

All models conform to UNI EN 352-1 norm.

997051N00KK MOUSE – accessories – fixing headphone
997051NM0KK MOUSE – accessories – fixing headphone assembled
Kosmos Ear Protection

Removable snap earmuff.
They allow to adapt Kosmos helmet for winter and ski use.
Available in two different colours, perfect color matching with the two versions of Kosmos.

Kosmos Cap

Removable cap specific for Kosmos helmet.Easy to wash, it’s made with anti-mold fabric.

Mouse Headphone Plates

Accessory for fixing headphones (noise reduction or radio), consisting of a pair of sturdy nylon plates that can be fixed using the supplied screws through the holes on the shell of MOUSE helmets.
Snap engagement of the headphones, allows the assembly of most of the headphones on the market.
High quality product, made ​​in Italy!

Mouse visor

Visor for helmet with mounting kit included.
Easily mountable on Mouse
helmet thanks to the pre-marked holes in the shell.
Available in transparent (# 997.056.P) and smoky (# 997.056.F).
Conform to CE EN 166

997056F00KK MOUSE – accessories – – Visor Fume’
997056P00KK MOUSE – accessories – – Visor Trasparent
Scarab Visor

Sun visor exclusive for helmet mod. Scarab.
Supplied with plastic clips for mounting.
Assembly requires the drilling of the outer shell of the helmet.