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Lanyard static rope – Semi static lanyard with two loops

Semi-static lanyard with two loops for positioning and anchoring. On request we provide different sizes with any kind of Kong connector together with the longe.

278L00060KK  278L00010KK  278L00150KK  278L00200KK


Brand new work positioning device enables quick and accurate adjustment of length for positioning at the work station. Super smooth adjustment even under load.
Trimmer is the smallest and lightest lenght adjustment device on the market!

Main features:

– The TRIMMER is a incredibly smooth device for progressive adjustment of the lanyard length.
– It is used on the work positioning “D” rings on the harness waistbelt: the length is adjusted by pressing the ergonomic lever.
– Can be used from the ventral or lateral attachment points to adjust the distance from the anchoring point.
– Fitted with protective sheath to protect the rope from the contact points .
– Visible stitchings for a quick visual inspection.
– Lightweight and compact.
– Available in four lengths: 2, 3, 4 and 5 m.
– Other lengths available on request.
– Black colour on the longer lengths (more than 5 m) for an easy recognition of the sets.
– It is possible to install any Kong connector.
– Available in kit with Tango or Queedy connectors already assembled.
– High quality product, completely made in Italy!

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