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It allows a fluid and safe swim optimizing the forces of our four-legged friend!
Floating dog harness designed for water rescue.
Equipped with 3 handles, one top and two sides, for the towing of the rescuers     and the wounded.
Another handle is behind the neck and it facilitate the retrieval of the dog on board.
Aluminum ring for suspension during winch operations.
Ultra-fast dressing with automatic buckles.
High visibility colouring to help you find the dog even in unfavorable conditions.
Details made ​​of reflective fabric for a better visibility in the dark.
Available in two sizes:
– M/L for medium sized dogs from 25 to 40 kg (eg, Labrador, Golden Retiever, etc. ..)
– XL for large dogs from 45 to 65 kg (eg, Terranova, Leomberger, etc. ..)



Net for heli-transportation of corpses. Equipped with fast hanging kit.


New hoist that enables to lift a load reducing to one-third the force required. Very useful during evacuation maneuvers avoiding the cut of the rope. The efficiency of the operation is optimized by the blocker FUTURA MINIBLOCK.



Special harness developed for lifting and heli-transport operations of cows and horses in emergency situations; it can be used for similar size animals.
It is made of polyester HT heavy load and low stretching; it weights only 3 kg.
Before using the harness it’s important to make a training with a dummie in a safe place.
A wrong use of the harness could cause the loss of the animal.
During transport operations bendage the animal and ask the support of a veterinarian.
If the animal is nervous or shocked, use a sedative.
Due to the altitude shock, the animal could try to struggle; always check the buckles before starting the lifting manoeuvres.
The lifting time depends on the animal but it never must exceed 15 minutes; an higher period could be cause of choke or injury at internal organs.
High quality product, completely developed and made in Italy.

Heli Net

Special net for heli-transport fitted with marking of central part and four rings easy to find. Available in 3×3 m, 4×4 m, 5×5 m; other sizes on request. Net-mesh size 50×50 mm (#845.01) or 100×100 mm (#845.02).

845020303KK HELI-NET 10x10cm kg 1000
845010303KK HELI-NET 5x5cm kg 2800
Pegasus – Shoulder straps

The accessories shoulder straps (# 873.10) allow the use of evacuation triangle mod. Pegasus (# 873), in narrow and difficult places.
3 connectors included.


2-piece harness for dogs.
Particularly comfortable and equipped with a loop for vertical lifting and lowering.
Recommended for rescue dogs of medium / large.
Equipped with 4 quick adjustment aluminum buckles.



Pegasus is the advanced KONG evacuation triangle for rescue.
Designed for a very easy and rapid evacuation of injured person.
Its 15 indipendent attachment loops make it adaptable to all body sizes from children to adults.
The supplementary shoulder straps (# 873.10) allow the use of Pegasus in narrow and difficult places.
Universal size, made of strong Nylon and Cordura.
Conform to CE EN 1498/B